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Maintaining Public Rights of Way

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Maintenance Fund

The Maintenance Fund allows both members and non members to contribute funds toward the upkeep of our Public Rights of Way. 

In this time of cutbacks and austerity, when councils and other bodies are prioritising spending in other areas, the Maintenance Fund  allows responsible green laners to ease the burden on local authorities and proactively keep lanes open. The fund is there to assist with the cost of voulunteer maintenance projects, including the provision of materials, third-party contractors, tools and other equipment along with waymarking signage to help others stay on the not so straight and often, quite narrow…

The Maintenance Fund is handled via one of two channels, depending on the amount of funding requested.
For requests of less than £250, the decision to grant funding will be made by the steering committee via a voting system. The outcome and an explanation of how the decision was reached, is then made available for viewing on the forum.
For requests in excess of £250, the proposal will be posted in the relevant section of the forum. Members will have the opportunity to support or oppose the proposed grant and give their reasons. The results will be taken into consideration when the steering committee makes its final decision. This will again be decided by vote and a summary of the outcome, posted on the forum. A reasonable time period will be allowed before the result is announced, under normal circumstances this will be not less than 5 days and not more than 10.

Any grant made will usually be sent directly to the official body concerned via bank transfer, debit card payment or cheque. A receipt will be obtained and the details will be posted along with all other financial transactions once a month on the forum.

The Maintenance Fund will not be accessible unless a balance of £1,500 is available outside of All Terrain UK’s running costs. 

No single project will be allowed to deplete all of the maintenance fund.

To qualify for funding, the steering committee must receive in writing, full details of the project and details of the proposed beneficiary organisation.

Applications will only be accepted from fully paid members of All Terrain UK.

If you’d like to donate towards the Maintenance Fund then please use the donate button below – no PayPal account is required.


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