The ATUK steering committee would like to formerly announce and welcome its latest member Daniel Evans.

Daniel has served on the LST for his area for some time and also been instrumental in the organising of our attendance at the successful Expo 4×4 shows,

he says

“Having been in and around cars and mechanics since I was young, I picked up the skills and knowledge of both “old skool” techniques and the modern day diagnostic/parts replacer. The addiction started with derby car racing then progressed from there to the more gentle and enjoyable green laning,                                                                                                                                                                        Having spent 3 years in Australia it allowed me to explore different types of “off roading” and taught myself to love the bush and countryside that much more. It allowed me to practice my navigation skills and taught me how to read the terrain to pick the least damaging line to both environment and vehicle.
It was a honor to be asked to join the steering committee, I hope this will allow me to help with some of ideas and events as well as coming up with other suggestions.
I will continue to be the LST for West Midlands so I will always be contactable, approachable and always willing to help and support others with a smile on my face”