Covid-19 Guidance 

13th June 2020
Specific guidance for Wales:- 
Stay local (Government guidance states that local is considered to be within 5 miles from home)
Keep group sizes small and from a maximum of 2 households
Specific guidance for England:-
Remain local and do not enter different devolved territories such as Wales & Scotland where the laws in place are different.
Keep group sizes small, ensure a maximum of 6 participants (eg 4 vehicles – 2 with just a driver and 2 with a driver and a passenger)
Your vehicle must only contain members of your household (and or support bubble)
England & Wales 
It is recommended to take food and drink for the day to avoid the need to visit shops
Be aware that Public Conveniences may not yet be open
Ensure your vehicle and recovery equipment is in good working order – especially if its not been used recently!
Ensure your trip is legal and keep to government guidelines
Follow the 2m social distancing rule
Carry Hand sanitiser, disposable gloves and face covering – ensure any rubbish is taken home
Use well researched routes where the risks are known and can be kept low.
Check the area you are visiting is allowing visitors and that there are no restrictions in place, avoid sensitive area
The above measures are in addition to the existing green laning guidance, available on our website –

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