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Over several years, some 4x4s and motorcycles have been exiting the byway, and causing vast amounts of damage to private land, mainly the small stretch of woodland between the river and the byway. This has put the byway at risk of pernament closure to Motorised Vehicles. To prevent this closure we have been working with Essex County Council and the landowner to come to an agreement to retain future access as responsible green laners.

Our Plan is to flatten the ground in the woodland, and block off access. All of the present ‘obstacles’, such as deep ruts and ‘bomb holes’, need to be smoothed over, this is to remove the ‘challenge’.

Gabion baskets (mesh cages, usually used for retaining walls), filled with hardcore will be used to block off the off piste area, these are much harder to move, once installed, than concrete blocks, and still form a solid barrier.

Following a funding request from our Essex Rep, Ed Matthews, it was unanimously agred that the organisation would contribute £1000 towards the works needed. It is estimated the total value of the works will be approximately £3,000.00 and we are looking for funding support and volunteers to help us complete this project. Please see our Just Giving link below:

Just Giving 

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